'A Community for Life' - a statement that is never more encapsulated than through our Chapel.

For the last 50 years since its opening in February 1968, our Chapel has been the place where thousands of us have come together to celebrate, new life, new partnerships, and to acknowledge the significant contribution of those who have passed before us. This sacred space stands for all we believe in and represents the core of our Christian foundations. It is now a place where we bring together students and families from all faiths and backgrounds.

Over 50 years of operation leads to wear and tear, and our Chapel is no different; it is now well overdue for a refurbishment. The upgrade will involve a significant financial capital outlay in order to ensure our Chapel continues to serve our community for the next 50 years and beyond. Just like our wonderful Memorial Hall refurbishment project in 2017, we need to maintain the Chapel's special charisms, while making it a modern and regenerated space for years to come.

To celebrate the 50 years since its inception, we are launching the 2018 Annual Appeal to provide the much-needed funds to ensure our Chapel is a special place, remaining central to reinforcing our Christian foundations. We want our Chapel to continue to thrive as a place where Old Scotch Collegians and past, current and future families can come together to celebrate and worship for years to come.

Please join us in celebrating the 50th anniversary of this special icon and support our Annual Appeal.